Island For Sale in , Chile :: Oceanfront Private Island Luxury Resort Property
Sell Price: 4000000
Location: Chile
Property Type: Island
Property Details: What: Savage Jungle S.A., Private Island Luxury Resort Project For Sale.   Existing runway capable of a corporate jet in closest possible location to hotel construction site.  We have completed 10 years of work which will allow you to build a luxury resort on a 790-square-mile island and have it all to yourself, with barriers to entry of any competitors in the region of National Parks for at least 10 years (most likely 15-20 years).   Property includes the following:
  • Existing airstrip capable of a corporate jet (built by the government in the closest possible place). 
  • A large deep-water marina approved & hydroelectric/environmental permits. Ready to build. 
  • $110,063,680 in cumulative sales projected in 5 years
  • Three Lakes & Two Rivers
  • 26 Huge waterfalls over one-hundred feet tall
  • 9 Miles of the best part of Isla Magdalena National Park 

Why: Total revenues for resort estimated at $110,063,680  in cumulative sales projected in 5 years due to barriers to entry and pricing anomalies.   

Price: $4 million. Two offers of $7 million have already come in for this property, one the owner turned down just prior to the market crash (a written offer of $7 million through RE/MAX Inc.) and the other written offer ultimately fell through due to the capital crisis.  Several offers from international investors are currently being entertained.  Act quickly or miss out on this truly incredible opportunity!   

Where: Chile, S 44 degrees 30’ 17.4”, W 72 degrees 43’ 44.9”

When: Now!  A trip for potential buyers is planned this month.  We just finished all the bureaucracy providing us at least a ten-year barrier to entry of any competitors (more likely 15-20 year barrier) in the entire state-sized national Park region where there is only one ocean-front resort and only three small docks/marinas.   

Private Airstrip: As remote as the island might seem, it has the best of both worlds: Easy access for owners and remote.  Our location has a runway capable of handling Cessna Citation corporate jets or large twin engine airplanes. This runway is almost like having our own private airstrip, because it is in the closest possible place such a long airstrip could be built so that guests and supplies can privately be flown in without seeing anybody.  It was built by the government for public use,  but it is far from any other town or habitation so it is secluded, very private, and nearly an exclusive airstrip that seems designed for us. There is only one other lodge within miles of the runway. We are planning to include a corporate jet to fly residents directly to the island in complete privacy from Santiago or Buenos Aires. We are working with the Chilean government to extend the runway to a 6,000 foot paved runway with an ILS system that can land Boeing 737s, DC3s, or large corporate jets.  

Email us.

Details: Savage Jungle Inc. (Jungla Salvaje S.A.) is a resort project featuring the best 9 miles (1,323 acres) on a private island approximately the size of the main island of Hawaii (790 square miles)--the remainder is protected National Park. We are the only residence. Our nine miles (1,323 acres) on the uninhabited island includes our handpicked 3 lakes, 2 rivers and 26 massive waterfalls to include the best parts of the National Park. We cherry-picked the very best parts of the entire 790 square mile national park island. 

No Five-Star Competition! There are no five-star hotels in the state-sized region where Savage Jungle is located and there are 187,200 tourists in our back yard (visiting the National Parks) with only one place to stay (on the ocean mainland). This situation will allow Savage Jungle to earn profits that are possible only in a few places in the world. A business plan shows that a 25 room hotel will be an unusually profitable investment due to barriers to entry into the region and pricing anomalies thus capturing sales for five years cumulative of $110,063,680. Of these 25 units, 10 independent residences with the best views will be sold. The Chilean government is even helping us attract foreign investment and tourism by offering a 20-40% tax credit of the total investment to help us build our hotel. There is only one lodge with four-star American standards. It is only seven miles away from Savage Jungle on the mainland. It is hidden beyond a bend in the fjord, so that no habitation spoils the exclusivity. This rustic lodge fills to capacity its thirty-one rooms with average daily rates per person (when everything such as communications and all meals are included) around $800 per person, with rooms alone going for high as $865 per person per night double occupancy required. They are open year-around and are at 82% of capacity for the entire year.

Year Around Season: We are able to have a year around season, because the area along the ocean fjord at sea level has a yearly mean temperatures that are moderate. Because our winters are so mild compared to anywhere else in the region, our Cisnes region is referred to as "invernadas," in a play on words that translates into “nothing winters.” These nothing winters allow our only competitor to have a year-around season with 82% occupancy, and substantially higher revenue. 

Remote but accessible: In addition to the nearby airstrip, there is also Chile’s only north/south highway that runs the length of Chile, the Camino Austral, that is now being paved from an international airport capable of handling 727s, 737s, etc, directly to us where the pavement will stop! This highway is just one-mile across the narrow fjord. From the Camino Austral it is a few minute boat ride (accompanied by the ever-present dolphins). This is the same fjord our neighbor (with 82% occupancy for the entire year) crosses to get to their mainland hotel that is accessible only by boat. In addition, ferry service to the nearby Cisnes from Puerto Montt, began in 2001 and passes twice a day directly in front of our property. The two largest ferries in Chile now in 2008 come to Puyuhuapi as a result of the town of Chiten being wiped out by a volcano (we are far from any volcanoes). The ferry service quoted us $183 to deliver a 20-ton excavator from Puerto Montt directly to our property. This inexpensive delivery of construction equipment and materials is a competitive advantage for construction.

All Permits Complete; Ready to Build. Savage Jungle has purchased the property and brought the project to its present state. Two years of studies and work have gone into an Environmental Impact Study, eight years into a Cambio de Uso Suelo, Derechos de Aguas (including a hydroelectric project in the river), and nine years for a Navy Concession for a marina in the formerly National Park. The Navy head told us we were the fastest going through the process that he has seen. "It normally takes 10-15 years," he told us. That is why there are only three private docks/marinas on the ocean in the entire Region XI. If interested, see our Savage Jungle website.

History:  A little history of the property. After having searched the world, the founder, a pilot, discovered Patagonia's West Coast and flew the vast fjords, crystal clear lakes, enormous forests, and thousands of islands of Southern Chile scouting up and down every fjord for the ideal property. Eventually he found a veritable Eden—a large, uninhabited island untouched by man, densely forested with old growth trees and rare plants, dotted with lakes, well watered with rivers, and surrounded by the "Swiss Alps of Chile" reaching nearly four miles high.

The property has 26 independent waterfalls originating in large streams that fall hundreds of feet into the main rivers. The rivers themselves drop spectacularly in a series of huge waterfalls into two different protected fjords distant from one another where blue dolphins play. Having identified the area from the air, the founder visited the island and was enthralled by the idyllic surroundings. There are legions of birds (some so tame they can be touched, because they have never seen man in all their generations) and no dangerous mammals, snakes or spiders inhabit the island. Hundreds of sea lions live and bask on the rocks on the other side of the fjord and dolphins frolic in the "sweet water" where the waterfall plunges into the fjord and directly next to our dock area.

Savage Jungle has been selected by the Chilean government to develop an exclusive private island resort on Isla Magdalena National Park.  The government controls almost all of the land in region XI of southern Chile called Patagonia. Undaunted, the founder literally drew the strangest shaped 9-mile, snake-like property of what he wanted in order to own the best waterfalls, rivers, and lakes. Then he spent the next 4.5 years in negotiations with the Chilean government for permission to purchase the formerly National Park land.    The government's authorization of an exclusive commercial concession and private property with title, in effect, grants Savage Jungle privileges that are a source of economic opportunity, by granting Savage Jungle a world-class resort-property with a long-term sustainable barrier to entry to any competitors (similar to a monopoly) within a state-sized region that is made up of National Parks. Because all of the land in the area is government and national park land, there is a barrier to entry for any competitors. National park land can no longer be purchased. They changed the law shortly after we purchased the land.

Featured in both the #1 business magazine, Que Pasa, and the leading newspaper in Santiago, the Mercurial in multiple-page stories. Que Pasa called our island project a Fantasy Island, a paradise, on a 790-square-mile uninhabited island where we have been given title and permission to build on a level site of approximately 32 acres (13.34 hectares) of private property on the shoreline, and a 50-year leased concession (for only $1,200/yr) on an additional nine-miles of cherry-picked land (1,291 acres) that includes the best nine-mile series of 26 waterfalls, 3 lakes, and a second river. The first river descends into the base of the private property through a series of huge waterfalls culminating at a 100-foot spectacular waterfall directly into the ocean fjord. There are only a few examples of this in the entire world!  The project was personally signed by President Lagos of Chile, who pushed it forward as a “top priority.” Chile is proud of our resort project.

For more information please view the Savage Jungle web site.

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Date Published: 03-Jul-2013
Date Updated: 03-Jul-2013

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